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Royal Q aka Customer Service Contact Details| Is it Legit? | Reviews: Today I came to know about Royal Q from one of my friends, and the way he was praising Royal Q with so much over commitments I suspected that said there is something fishy.

Generally, I have seen people praising their company a lot in MLM (Multi-Level Marketing) and guess what Royal Q is an MLM company and the product is a crypto trading bot that works on Binance, Huobi, and few other Global exchanges by taking API controls of your Exchange account.

He was making commitments of 5 to 10% ROI in a day and that too was guaranteed so this made me cautious and as a crypto enthusiast, I was forced to research about it.


No Physical Contact Details are available on their Website-


When I was checking, the website is in the Chinese Language and there is an option to change the language in English and I was surprised to know that NO MANAGING TEAM PROFILES are mentioned on the website.  Looks like a hidden project and just a one-page website. When I was doing the domain research, the domain is registered on February 22, 2021, which makes it just a few months old project and I was surprised that how people are investing their thousands of dollars in this immature project.
Talking about the MLM people who are promoting this I agree that they may be getting few commissions out of the Referrals they are doing but this looks like a Money circulation scheme only and by giving few commissions they are going to trap more and more people. I suggest you all, Be extremely cautious as this could be a pump and dump scheme.

IS IT LEGIT: Seems Like NO. ( Due to Low Site ratings)


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