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What to do if Company’s Customer Service is not able to solve your problem?

What to do if Company’s Customer Service is not able to solve your problem?-  We came to know about many issues from our Readers whose problems are not getting resolved by the company. Customers are not able to resolve their problems after the countless number of calls, tickets,  and complaints to the Customer service department of the Company? Here is giving you a few deadly tips that will help you to solve your issue. Use this only if the company is not solving your problem directly. Read the below points and we hope that it helps you.

Make Sure that your Complaint is Genuine:

But before starting you should make sure that you have gone through all the terms and conditions of the company website and verify that your complaint is genuine. Make sure to keep all the Invoices, Documents and Warranty Cards ready.  Once you feel that you are Right at your place and company is wrong at their end then move forward to the rest of the article.

Finding the Right Person to Contact-

Before using these mediums you should know the right person to get in touch with. Here is a useful tip for this.

Go to

Put the address of the website of the company with which you are trying to solve your issue in the place of domainname in the above URL.

You will get the best person you need to contact.

Another way to find the owner’s info is via the PR activities of the company.  Find the owner info or the most authorized person of the company.

Contact them and tell them about your Ticket Number/ Complaint Id with which you have communicated with the support team initially.

Top to Bottom Approach-

Resolving your problem can be done via the ” Top to Bottom Approach”. 

When we call the customer service department and hope for our problem to get resolved that is mainly bottom to top approach. If you can contact the topmost authorized person in a particular company then there are more chances of your issue getting resolved.

Top 3 medium of communication to use in Top to Bottom Approach-

  • Twitter-

Tagging the company twitter handle along with the owner twitter handle can be really helpful. Make sure that your complaint is public and is visible to everyone. To make it more effective ask your friends to retweet it as many times as possible.

  • Email-

Cc the email to Owner’s email, Top executive emails, Company support email. Don’t just email and forget. Try to remind them again and again until you get the reply.

  • Mutual Relations-

Sometimes Network proves to be Networth. Search for social profiles of the Admin’s on Facebook and search for mutual friends. If you get any good influencer, you can request him to intervene and resolve the issue.

Complaint Forums-

If you still get no resolution than you can go to various Consumer forums and put a complaint about the specific company. Consumer forums have great potential as most of the new customers of the company search for the reviews and if the negative reviews come in top results than they definitely have the issue.

Consumer Courts-

If you feel like that you have been Cheated and no one is there listening to your complaint or trying to solve your issue than the last option is to file a case on the company.

Consumer Laws will take care of you and the company will have to definitely pay for it.

All the best for solving your issue.

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